segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2014

Centelhas que ainda Faíscam #3

Frenzy - The Ex
Let me tell you about Karl Marx
a visionary fish in a pool of sharks
he was funny guy
I don't have to tell you why
his one-liners were the best
like the one in the past
about das Casablanca manifest
For that night, a women she came
and she warn away, to warn some others
to warn her brothers
but Karl just said; "hey Fuck off
I knew you guys, up to your eyes
I know that you Fuck your mothers"
He was really quite a laugh
I just couldn't get enough
I saw all his movies, one by one
they were thought-provoking
and I'm not joking
but this son of a gun
had only just begun
to have some fun
And don't forget about this book he wrote
with plenty of "workers, you'll get fired" scenes
hello you must be going
if you know what that means
people used to laugh their heads off loud
just like in the gay old times
with them good old guillotines
And then there's Groucho, a serious bloke
who never told a single joke
he had a beard, that might seem weird
but he sure wasn't shy as he cast the die
for he told the bosses; "you bet your life"
Let's put things in hysterical perspective
to make my remarks a bit more effective
for those were the days
but those days took a hike
when the West world insist
on a sit-down strike
for the stand-up communist ...
not columnist, economist but communist
not chameleon, comedian but communist
Well, that's not arty-farty,
that's when Lenin met McCarthy
and this, as far as I can see,
was the beginning of a beautiful frenzy
The beginning of a beautiful frenzy

Dia 4 de Outubro, às 21h30, no Pavilhão do Grupo Desportivo Ferroviário do Barreiro: recuperar The Ex nos vagões da memória.